Friday, 26 July 2013

Storms, Earthquakes and a complete rebuild

Hi All

Apologies for the gap in posts, so much has been going on. Either its being stranded at Petone at 2:30 in the morning with the line ahead non existent, being baby sitting a train at 5am in the morning a couple km further south after last weekends earthquakes, or even buying a house! Its all on! 

I got sick of the board connection problems with most stock derailing somewhere (Murphys law states that its always out of reach!) so the Minister Of Finance approved funding for new boards and flexi track (I HATE using cut up flexi track)

The main line is the same with a few alterations to the yards, including a brand new "Carriage Yard" which sit on the would be old ARC Sidings. I may later once i build the underground loop convert the carriage sidings into another goods siding.

The Carriage yard 

The one thing I regretted loosing was the road/tram bridge over the inner loops. This time i've put the tram on its own reserved track, and the road goes into a "tunnel" Although i did want the tram down the road, I thought it would look silly coming off its own bridge, onto the road for 500mm or so then back off to the terminus.

Albion Station on the right with the new road entering the Tunnel
 and the tram line to the left with the new Tram only Bridge crossing the inner loops.

The new tram only bridge over the inner loops

I feel i'm back to the point of where i ripped the old boards up, and it seems to be working ten times better than the previous boards.

My mind has been in overdrive with things to add. I came up with a actual use for the Albion sidings (Carriage Yard) and a Motorway (Freeway). once we've moved in and set up ill be adding roadworks with those fancy electric variable signage (and some barriers so the cars don't drive off the edge!)

The Motorway overpass showing the cars Queuing and merging for the not yet existent road work