Friday, 1 March 2013

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Welcome to my new blog for Albion. My N Gauge layout under construction

Christ... Who writes in Times New Roman these days?

Lets try again
Welcome to my new blog for Albion. My N Gauge layout under construction

I'll try to update this as much as i can either it be rolling stock updates or layout updates. It'll all be here.

Bit of a background on Albion.

Albion is a suburban station in Melbourne's west. it Contains 3 main lines, 2 that are 5ft 3in which the whole state of Victoria runs on, and a 4ft 8in line that the interstate freights run on (Australia has 3 main gauges, 3ft 6, 4ft 8 and 5ft 3) Immediately west of the station is a road overpass and a junction where the 5ft 3 lines go west and north, and the 4ft 8 follows to the north. It also has a disused siding into the adjacent grain silos run by John Darling

Albion station is a basic island platform capable of taking 6 car trains (up to 144m long) has a pedestrian subway at the Western end.

That's one side of the layout. the other side is North Melbourne (with artistic license)

North Melbourne is a 6 Platform inner suburban station again taking 6 car Suburban and Diesel Interurban trains, at the eastern end there is portals for the city underground loop and surface lines also . adjacent there is (was) a large freight yard,

the map below shows the plans for the layout. for ease of use it will all be one gauge, which means all trains have access to the yards.
I'm planning an making this DCC but also DC compatible as i will be slowly replacing my DC Locos, it'll be my first DCC layout.
Ive included one portal for the underground loop at the western end due to space which returns to a fictional Nth Melbourne Underground station, and then onto a slide out draw, due to space constraints Nth Melbourne will be restricted to 4 platforms in total. The freight yard will have 3 through roads and 2 dead end roads for the loco shed. All in a 3.6m x 1m area! 

Well So i thought....

Basically i screwed this up from day one. i cut my boards upside down so the whole plan had to be mirrored. At this stage i found that installing the "underground" to be to fiddly and Will be made into a transverser storage yard for Passenger trains. The yard is a bit to Small to accommodate stabled EMU's as well as freights coming and going...
The Current Plan of action... Note the "underground" disappearing off to a transverser (Not included)

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