Saturday, 2 March 2013


I had a browse and decided on purchasing the asphalt template off Scalescenes for the low low price of 2 quid. ($4 NZ) and after some tweaking in Microsoft Word of all places i was able to produce some fairly decent roading! 

I was having a brainstorm and decided to use the leftover flexitrack to make a tramway (Melbourne isnt Melbourne without trams) where i worked out a rough draft. the tram lines will run from the "west end" of the layout. Past Albion (artistic license here) cross over the diverging lines at Albion Junction on a bridge and terminate at the depot beside the "loop" entrance. 

Albion has had a bit of work done. It now hosts a platform. With a scratchbuilt model of the current structure, a overpass (Western Highway) and a disused level crossing where the Western Highway once crossed. 
Albion Showing the test fitting of the tramway and roads, new platform, Platform building, and Western Highway overpass                  

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